Vision Service Provider (VSP)

Vision Service Providers was founded by a group of optometrists with the objective of providing high-quality and cost effective eye care products and services to eye care professionals, employers and millions of members through leading eye wear establishments like Village Optical. This includes comprehensive eye care coverage, access to designer frames and lenses, VSP doctors, and VSP optometrists. Members have access to personalized eye care from a VSP provider.

Specific plans may include up to 15% off on an eye examination for evaluation and fitting and a contact lens exam with an initial supply of replacement lenses. Members that visit a VSP doctor are not required to fill out claim forms. For those who visit an eye care doctor who is not on the panel have up to six months to submit a claim to VSP. For prescription lenses and frames, members can receive up to 30% off on additional pairs of prescription glasses and sunglasses, depending on the type of plan.

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