EyeMed is a leading vision benefits provider that offers flexible and comprehensive vision plans through over 4,000 client providers including Village Optical, to over 140 million members and their dependents. These plans are designed to complement existing medical coverage supported by its diverse EyeMed provider network. EyeMed is also a sponsor of OneSight, a charitable organization dedication to improving vision, which includes free eye examinations and eyewear for needy children. Since 1988, these programs have helped more than 7 million people. EyeMed is served by over 400 private practice and retail-affiliated members who offer significant savings on eye care and eyewear products and services. Benefits include a choice of branded frames to suit your style. One of the major benefits of membership with EyeMed is that no claims need to be filed after examination by an EyeMed doctor or EyeMed optometrist.

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