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At Village Optical we help you make the most of your eye care benefits. We accept a wide range of vision insurance and union plans from leading care providers including Vision Screening, CPS Optical, General Vision Services (GVS), Eyemed, Vision Service Provider (VSP), Spectera, and Davis Vision.

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Unions Using Vision Screening

Vision Screening is a group of professionals who have come together to provide quality eye care. Vision Centers provide full examinations and prescriptions lenses to individuals included in their plan. Coverage extends to eye examinations by VS doctors and quality lenses in glass or plastic determined by VS optometrists. VS doctors are also licensed to dispense contact lenses. Coverage includes frames for VS eyeglasses in various colors, styles, and sizes. Members are eligible for an additional 30 percent discount on items not covered under their plan. Vision Screening has partnered with many professional eyewear providers and Village Optical is certified as a premier VS provider in the Long Island area. Contact us for more information on VS eyeglasses and VS eyewear and the available options under your plan. We are here to offer the best service and the most eyewear choices to suit your needs. You deserve quality eye care, which is why we accept all Unions using Vision Screening.

Unions Using CPS Optical

Comprehensive Professional Systems, Inc. or CPS Optical consists of private practice CPS optometrists located in the New York City Metropolitan Area. CPS providers offer individuals and families quality vision care which includes a wide range of fashionable eyewear. Village Optical supports unions using CPS Optical and who seek coverage for CPS eyewear. Most plans cover individuals at least once or twice a year for a comprehensive eye examination, prescription lenses, and one pair of frames. CPS promotes healthy vision solutions to CPS plan members. CPS Optical offers custom designed optical plans for unions to suit every budget with over 400 locations throughout the New York and New Jersey areas.  The provider has an excellent reputation of enlisting partners that provide quality eyewear solutions and customer service to individuals and families.

General Vision Services (GVS)

General Vision Services is a third party provider of vision plans in the Tri-State  and retirement communities for over 5 decades. It offers a range of flexible and affordable vision plans which extends to HMOs, insurance companies, unions, and corporations. GVS is a Managed Care Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that designs plans to suit specific needs. They provide a host of vision benefits and offer quality eyewear services through its network of GVS providers that includes Village Optical.  GVS optometrists offer a host of plan options which include the Fee-For-Service Plan, Fixed Payment Plan, and Payroll Deduction Plan. The Fee-For-Service Plan offers comprehensive coverage for eye examinations, lenses, contact lenses, and frames, without the need for any out-of-pocket expenses. The Fixed Payment Plan offers members comprehensive eye examination by member GVC doctors. It also covers frames, lenses, and contact lenses in return for a fixed monthly payment. The Payroll Deduction Plans are for employees that opt for voluntary payroll deductions on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis in return for eye care coverage for a single person or the entire family.

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