Contact Lenses

At Village Optical we’ll help you find the perfect eyewear for your lifestyle. For those who lead an active lifestyle or don’t want to wear conventional prescription eyeglasses, we stock a variety of contact lenses including Acuvue moist, Acuvue oasys, Acucue 2, Acuvue advance, Acuvue 2 colours, Acuvue oasys for astigmatism, Acuvue oasys for presbyopia, Acuvue true eyes, Air Optix, Air Optix multifocal, O2 Optix, Purevision multifocal and Freshlook Colorblens.

These include colored lenses, bifocal/multifocal, soft lenses, extended wear lenses, disposable lenses, and much more. Schedule a consultation with our optometrist to find the best contact lens that suits you. Whether you wear disposables or conventional lenses, you can count on us to help you find the right contacts for your eyes.

We are an authorized distributor of Acuvue contact lenses and offer great discounts and deals. Also included in our range of contact lenses are designs and styles from Air Optix, Purevision, and Freshlook Colorblends in a wide palette of beautiful colored contact lenses to suit your eye color, hair color, skin tone and the style you desire.

Simple and convenient to use

Many people refrain from wearing contact lenses for fear of being hurt or the perceived cost being too high. These fears are unfounded. As long as you don’t work in a very dusty or smoky environment, you may be the perfect candidate for contact lenses. Our optometrist will be able to assess your eyes to determine if you are a good candidate for contact lenses. Among the popular forms of soft contact lenses in our inventory are disposable contact lenses designed to be worn for a specific period and then thrown away. These are simple and convenient to use and are a healthy option for your eyes.

High quality contact lenses at an affordable price

At Village Optical, we offer extended wear lenses that are specifically designed to be worn 24 hours a day for up to a month, after which you can discard them. These prescription lenses allow more oxygen to pass through to the eyes than ordinary contact lenses. Our selection also includes specialized contact lenses such as the Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism and Acuvue Oasys for presbyopia. These lenses are designed for maximum clarity of vision and comfort for the wearer. In addition, Village Optical  offers our customers discounts and special offers on their contact lens purchases.

Our customer care representatives are available to answer every question you may have about contact lenses and eyewear. Give us a call today.

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